The Beginner Malware Analysis Course

Designed for beginners looking to start their journey into the world of Malware Analysis, as well as those wanting to improve their skills
Course Overview
4 mins
Setting Up a Safe Environment
18 mins
The Many Variants of Malware + Terminology
13 mins
Analysing The First Sample: A .NET Info-Stealer
32 mins
The Basics of x86 Assembly
12 mins
Learning How to Use IDA Pro Free
5 mins
Learning How to Use x32/x64Dbg
5 mins
Looking at Common API Used in Malware
11 mins
Analysing an Advanced Sample: PandaBanker
(2h 03m 15s)
Analysing "Plaintext" Malware - Malicious Word Documents
18 mins
Analysing Command and Control Communications + InetSim
35 mins
Common Algorithms in Malware
20 mins
Unpacking Malware - Tips and Tricks to get the Payload faster
55 mins
Link to the Presentations on Google Drive
Downloading the Samples