The Beginner Malware Analysis Course + VirusBay Access by 0verfl0w_
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The Beginner Malware Analysis Course + VirusBay Access

Enrollment is closed

What is it all about?

Whether you are at the start of your journey into Malware Analysis, or perhaps you are looking to refine your skills in different areas, this course will be beneficial for you. With beginners in mind, the course is comprised of several modules, each focusing on a different aspect of Malware Analysis - this ranges from learning x86 Assembly and analyzing Visual Basic macros, to extracting configurations and learning about encryption algorithms
Not only that, but upon purchasing this bundle, you get Access to Virusbay, giving you access to over 4,500+ samples, uploaded by 2,000+ other researchers! 
New samples are uploaded everyday, so you will always have something to take apart!

What's different about it?

With this course, I wanted to create something both beneficial for beginners in the field, as well as those with a year or two under their belt. After looking at several other courses available for roughly the same price, I noticed some common criticisms between them. Firstly, there was a lack of practical, hands-on course work - meaning most of it was theory. Secondly, the samples used in the courses that had practical examples seemed quite old. Finally, the courses only seemed to be focused on compiled executables, rather than other variants of malware such as scripted malware or even malicious .NET programs. My aim in this course was to resolve these issues, and so throughout the course we will be looking at several different samples, all of which are less than a year old. Some examples of the samples we will be looking at are Trickbot, Emotet and Ursnif - all extremely notorious malware families active today! And it's not all focused on one type of malware - we also take a look at malicious Word Documents which contain malware written in Visual Basic and Powershell!


You may be wondering, what are the prerequisites for the course?
Well, as it is a course aimed at beginners, there really is no prerequisites! Aside from being excited and motivated to learn a new skill, there really isn't anything else!
Certain skills are obviously useful to have when going into the course, such as knowledge of programming concepts and knowing a programming language, however this is not necessary. 
If you have any further questions on prerequisites and whether the course is right for you or not, feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or via the course platform!

What can I expect from the course?

Gain Access To VirusBay, a Malware Exchange Platform with 2,000 other researchers and the Freshest Malware Samples!
The course contains a wide array of topics (in total 5+ hours of content), from recognizing Encryption Algorithms in Malware to Tips and Tricks I personally use for unpacking different malware samples on a daily basis. A full list of modules can be seen in the contents below, or in the video. After completing the course, you should be able to grab a recent sample of malware, unpack it, and begin to analyze it. Obviously learning from a course is one thing, but to become an expert in this field takes a lot of dedication, not to mention practice. Over the course of your journey to become an expert, you'll learn many things, from how to create YARA rules, to writing Botnet trackers that many of you might have seen. Who knows, perhaps you will be the one to stop the next WannaCry. So, are you ready to take your first steps?

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 1 text file

Modules inside:

Course Overview
4 mins
Setting Up a Safe Environment
18 mins
The Many Variants of Malware + Terminology
13 mins
Analysing The First Sample: A .NET Info-Stealer
32 mins
The Basics of x86 Assembly
12 mins
Learning How to Use IDA Pro Free
5 mins
Learning How to Use x32/x64Dbg
5 mins
Looking at Common API Used in Malware
11 mins
Analysing an Advanced Sample: PandaBanker
(2h 03m 15s)
Analysing "Plaintext" Malware - Malicious Word Documents
18 mins
Analysing Command and Control Communications + InetSim
35 mins
Common Algorithms in Malware
20 mins
Unpacking Malware - Tips and Tricks to get the Payload faster
55 mins
Link to the Presentations on Google Drive
Downloading the Samples


If you're new or kinda amateur hour (like me) when it comes to static analysis I highly recommend you get this, it worth every penny. He uses up to date samples and up to date tools. Most importantly for me he covers spotting encryption while reading ASM in depth and the tricks he uses. He also covers manual unpacking of different popular malware samples. 
I'd give it a solid 8/10 
Oliver Hough Esq. - @olihough86
I have been doing analysis on a small scale for the company I work for and while I know a lot of the things you are talking about, it is nice to watch someone do it in real time. I also picked up on techniques that will help me get answers quicker for the clients we deal with. When you are talking through what you are doing it helps me a lot more than you know. If you put out more, I will purchase again.
If you are looking to start a journey into Malware Analysis, look no further than "The Beginner Malware Analysis Course". It is pieced together perfectly for beginners like myself. It also helps that you get real-world examples to test with! With the addition to the course of getting Lifetime Virusbay access, it becomes a no-brainer to purchase this - The learning can now go beyond that of the course.